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Beauty applications and more

While there is often a lack of time at home to enjoy revitalising massages, at the Platzlhof you are under no time pressure and can confidently leave yourself in the healing hands of our "Wohlfühlplatzl's" team. Thanks to years of experience, they know the right treatments for your body: special treatments to energise you, classic pampering massages, something good for your hands and feet or cosmetics. 

We recommend booking an appointment before arrival.
At info@platzlhof.at or 004352832338


Classic Massage Deluxe - 80 min.
Classic massage - 50 min.
Energy brush - 45 min.
Ayurveda - 80 min.
Padabyhanga foot massage - 25 min.
Hot Stone Massage - 80 min.
Honey massage - 45 min.
Aromatic oil massage - 50 min.
Aroma partial body massage - 25 min.
Combination massage - 50 min.
Foot reflex massage - 40 min.
Head and shoulder massage - 45 min.
Intensive back massage - 40 min.
Relaxation massage - 50 min.
Stone oil massage - 50 min.
Pregnancy massage - 50 min.
Children's massage - 20 min.

Hands and feet

Quick manicure
Classic manicure
Manicure with Shellac
Quick pedicure
Classic pedicure
Shellac pedicure

Cosmetic Treatments

Facial treatment small 40 minutes
Facial treatment 60 minutes
Facial treatment 90 minutes
BB Glow
Permanent Make Up
Complete eye service


Upper lip
Upper lip/chin
Lower leg to knee
Legs complete
Bikini line

Body Treatments

Body scrub
Body wrap
Body scrub and body wrap