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Beauty applications and more

While there’s often no time to enjoy invigorating massages at home, you’re now in the Platzlhof, without any pressure from deadlines, and can confidently leave yourself to the healing hands of our Monika from the “Spa Garden GuteFee”. Thanks to years of experience she knows the right applications for your body: Special treatments to live more energetically, classic pampering packs, good for hands and feet or cosmetics. One highlight is the innovative Plasma Pen treatment, which removes wrinkles without the need for surgery and results in radiantly smooth skin.

Special massages

Goodfee Special

Allow your body to rest and relax! Build the loads of everyday life and let your soul dream to space. This treatment relieves tensions and tensions that have occurred in the daily life due to stress and stress. By using high-quality aromatic oils, the relaxation, well-being and regeneration are supported.

25 minutes
€ 37.00
50 minutes
€ 64.00
80 minutes
€ 83.00

Depilation with warm wax

€ 6.00
Upper lip
€ 6.00
€ 8.00
€ 16.00
€ 9.00
Bikini zone
€ 19.00
€ 25.00
Legs up to knee or forearm
€ 19.00
Legs whole
€ 26.00
€ 26.00
€ 17.00
€ 14.00
Full body
€ 68.00

Hands and feet


Your hands will also be spoiled in the GuteFee Spa Garden, with a soothing spa package. Pay special attention to your nails and hands, because well-groomed hands are everyone’s calling card.

Without nail polish
€ 33.00
With nail polish
€ 37.00
With gel polish
€ 41.00

Foothbath, shorten nails, removal of callus, foot massage, herbal rub for the legs.

Without nail polish
€ 45.00
With nail polish
€ 48.00
With gel polish
€ 51.00

Body treatments

Hot Stone

A holistic energetic treatment with hot lava stones. Tensions are released and the energy system is charged.

40 minutes
€ 49.00
80 minutes
€ 93.00
Cranberry body scrub

Luxury body peeling with natural substances for a smooth, fragrant, velvety-smooth and soft skin.

25 minutes
€ 32.00
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